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Charles Brian Quinn is the CTO of CloudTags, a technical advisor to Holcombe Financial's BluePages, a co-owner and board member of Big Nerd Ranch (former CEO), a software developer, the former CEO of Highgroove Studios (merged with Big Nerd Ranch in 2012), a co-conspirator and cheerleader of Scout (exited in 2011), a former road-warrior consultant, and a former instructor of various programming languages and frameworks. He is a programmer, entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, self-proclaimed coffee snob, and he enjoys sailing and racing two-wheeled vehicles in the mud and on the track.

Want to get in touch? Me@SeeBQ.com


Let's get shameless, shall we?

Here we go:



2015 Career Conversations for GT College of Computing

I participated in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) style conversation to chat about my career path.

2014 Interview with Ricky Steele at TechBridge Digital Ball

Ricky Steele of Booth 61 interviewed me and Aaron at the annual TechBridge Digital Ball.

2014 National Civic Day of Hacking Judging

I was honored to be invited to judge the 2014 National Civic Day of Hacking hosted at my one of my favorite non-profits: the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The entries were incredible engineering feats (called hacks) to help non-profits.

2013 Fireside Chat at Georgia Tech

GT Computing hosted me and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian for a fireside chat to a packed house in the Klaus Atrium. There's also a video of the fireside chat from GT Computing.

2013 Inc. Magazine Article

Inc. Magazine interviewed Aaron and I for advice on How to Successfully Manage a Merger.

2013 Interview with Johnson Cook on Venture Energy

My pal Johnson Cook interviewed me on his Venture Energy Blog, in an article on The Famous and funny CBQ, CEO of Big Nerd Ranch.

2012 ATDC Startup Chronicles

The Advanced Technology Development Center in Atlanta serves as the hub for technology entrepreneurship in Georgia. Read the Interview on Startup Chronicles: Highgroove Studios (Big Nerd Ranch).

2012 Bloomberg Business Week Article

When Aaron and I decided to merge companies, we pitched Bloomberg Businessweek on an article. Aaron wrote an article about his demotion: A Big Nerd Trades his Corner Office for a Cubicle. The only thing not true about this article is that we don't have cubicles.

2012 Merger Big Nerd Ranch Press Release

My good friend, and nerd mentor, Aaron Hillegass (founder of the Big Nerd Ranch) and I decided to merge companies. Read the PRWeb News Release.

2011 Matchstic on Vimeo

My pals at Matchstic, an Atlanta Branding Agency, put up a video on my experience working with Matchstic and the impact it had on my business. Watch the Video.

2011 EO Graduation Day

The Entrepreneur's Organization (EO) Atlanta Chapter did a write up on my "Graduation" from EO Accelerator into EO in the Chapter Newsletter in May of 2011. View the Article.

2009 Spotlight on Alumni

Georgia Tech's College of Computing interviewed me in 2009 for their "Spotlight on Alumni Series." Read the Spotlight on Alumni - Charles Brian Quinn on the College of Computing's site.


Shades Automation

I automated the control of a Draper motorized shade (a large curtain) via hardware (Raspberry Pi with a small circuit) and software (web app). Here's the writeup. Read More...